Students have the opportunity to preview, explore, and review our daily math topics and lessons at home through Pearson's website. Students can log in here. Their username is their first initial followed directly by their last name.

Topic 1: Numeration

Topic 2: Number Sense: Addition and Subtraction

Topic 3: Using Place Value to Add and Subtract

Topic 4: Meanings of Multiplication

Topic 5: Multiplication Facts: Use Patterns

Topic 6 Multiplication Facts: Use Known Facts

Topic 7: Meanings of Division
Topic 8: Division Facts

Topic 9: Understanding Fractions

Topic 10: Fraction Comparison and Equivalence

Topic 11: Two-Dimensional Shapes and Their Attributes
Topic 12: Time

Topic 13: Perimeter

Topic 14: Area

Topic 15: Liquid Volume and Mass

Topic 16: Data

Here's a neat "shortcut" for subtracting across zeroes--it can be tricky without it!

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