Sunday, January 10, 2016

Gobbling Up Word Problems, the Wampanoag Gazette, A Winter Break Reading Challenge, Clementine, Partial Sums, and Dedicated Digital Natives

Happy New Year!

2015 closed out with festive problem solving, social studies newspaper writing, and reading for information.

Thanksgiving brought an opportunity to use keywords, number sense, and understanding of operations as they composed festive-themed math problems. 




Multiplication Gingerbread Bump offered us practice building our math fact fluency. We roll two die, multiply to find the product, and cover that number on the board. If you calculate the same product again, you can "lock in" that product by placing a second tile on it. The first player to use all 10 tiles wins!

When playing Santa's List, mathematicians had to check that problem cards displayed the correct answer. If it did, the card would be placed on Santa's "Nice List." In the event that the problem had been solved incorrectly, the card would then be placed on Santa's "Naughty List."

Historians worked together to highlight key details about the life of the Wamponoags using our Social Studies text, Massachusetts: Our Home. Next, writers organized their information into top down webs before bringing it all together in the form of news articles for the Wampanoag Gazette.


Their articles were then recorded on AudioBoo! Click here to listen to Marissa and Nathan W.'s article about hunting in the forest. Chris and Joao read aloud their article about building wetus here. Shakwan and Bella inform readers about the spring chores that kept the Wampanoags busy

Air Holiday took off and travelers ventured to six different countries to learn about the unique holiday traditions. Stops included France, Germany, Israel, Australia, and Sweden. 

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Just before vacation, students were introduced to one of my favorite storybook characters--Clementine. Be sure to ask your child what landed her in the principal's office in Chapter 1. 

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Congratulations to our December PRIDE award winners. They are true role models!

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2016 has been off to a strong start!

Many readers accepted the Winter Break Reading Challenge and read for 150 minutes in creative ways. Some readers read on New Year's Day while others read in pajamas, with grandparents or in the car. This Wednesday, those readers will enjoy a hot chocolate party after school as their reward!

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In writing, students have been drafting and publishing their expository pieces. Topics range from bears, wolves, video games, basketball, hockey, tae-kwon-do and football. Writers are in the process of typing their pieces using their Google Docs account. From keyboarding to customizing text, inserting images and tables, these digital natives are taking advantage of this fabulous program.

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Published and in the Author's Chair!
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 In math, we launched with strategies for adding three-digit numbers. We learned how to add using an expanded algorithm to calculate partial sums as well as add on an open number line.

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Come back soon to read about our S(pecific)M(easurable)ART New Year's resolutions.. 

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