Friday, September 4, 2015

Welcome Back!

We are four days in to third grade and we have hit the ground running!

Our first week has been spent getting to know each other, getting acclimated to third grade and the expected (and unexpected) behaviors throughout our school, reviewing concepts from second grade, getting lost in books, tweeting, and having fun!




Morning Meeting Marvels
Following morning announcements, the Pledge of Allegiance, our Bulldog pledge, and breakfast or snack, we come together as a class for Morning Meeting. At this time, we build community by sharing a greeting with our peers, discussing the day's schedule and any special activity, activate our brains and bodies with a game or activity, and have the opportunity for student share.

reciting our Bulldog pledge

Calm Classroom

 Morning Meeting greeting

All Aboard!
In addition to our first day photo shoot and an opportunity to share a bit about ourselves in our First Day of School time capsules, we have spent valuable time each day brainstorming and demonstrating examples of expected behavior throughout our school. School-wise, students have been traveling on a Passport Journey earning stickers for their attendance and participation at a number of presentations that have reviewed expected responsible, respectful, and safe behavior in the cafeteria, playground, hallways, assemblies, bathrooms, Outdoor Classroom, Learning Lounge, and classroom.

illustrating cafeteria behaviors

demonstrating playground behavior

modeling hallway behavior

Marvelous Mathematicians
In math we have reviewed many second grade skills that involve addition, subtraction, patterns, place value, and problem solving. Thursday, we "flipped" for two- and three- digit numbers. We will continue to work with place value next week as well as we dive into standard form and expanded form.


Read All About It!
First Day Jitters kicked off our read alouds for the week. Students were surprised to find out that the main character, anxious about the first day of school, was actually the teacher! 

Writers have adopted the pattern used in Margaret Wise Brown's The Important Book as they share facts about themselves.  

It's hard to say what students liked better in Wednesday's read aloud Peanut Butter & Cupcake-- the story, the humor, or the illustrations. This story led us to discuss what we can do to be a good friend to others--both in and out of the classroom.

Please be sure to read, empty, sign, and return your child's Thursday Communication folder, and have a wonderful long weekend!