Friday, October 10, 2014

Expanding Algorithms, Character, Setting, and a Close Read of Christopher Columbus

This week we concluded our work in Topic 2 though the foundations of place value from this topic will lay the groundwork for much of our future studies. Problem solving and checking that our answer is reasonable are key concepts. Math Center games like Clip and Cover helped us practice our rounding and explain our strategies using "Math Talk."

Today we explored adding using an expanded algorithm with three-digit addends.


In writing, we are combining our "stretched out" sentences into an organized paragraph describing a few of our favorite fall activities. We brainstormed sensory words that relate to fall that will add richness to our writing.

We continue to build our oral ready fluency with a Poem of the Week that we often AudioBoo and tweet.

In reading, our unit on fictional texts has focused on character, setting, and plot. Daily reading passages have provided rich opportunity to support our thinking with text, make visualizations, and identify genre. 

Reading contracts debuted this week. During Reader's Workshop, students may partner read text as one of many options that extend their learning from their Book Club and independent reading texts. 

The mentor text Owl Moon was a fine example of vivid language used to describe setting. Without seeing the illustrations, students sketched and described what they saw, heard, and felt using Jane Yolen's text.

In the spirit of Columbus Day, we began a "close read" of an informational text about Christopher Columbus's voyage and "discoveries." Our first read was focused on identifying unfamiliar vocabulary. Next, we will read for comprehension, locating evidence of our thinking.

Next we will explore the world of folktales, fables, and tall tales. In writing, we will choose a topic for our first published narrative and work on correcting run-on sentences.