Friday, January 31, 2014

New Year's, Frozen Fact Families, Reindeer Writing, Scholastic News, and Caption! app

A new month calls for new Book Nooks around the room!

We kicked off 2014 with Find a Buddy Who: New Year's Eve edition. Many of us stayed up until midnight--Mrs. Mack included!

We brainstormed five New Year's resolutions we have and compiled them into a cell phone as we "ring" in the New Year! Charlie shows hers off below.

A snowy January day was a perfect day for Brr Bump! We roll two die and calculate the product. After we find it, we get to cover it up. Our opponent can solve a problem and "bump" us out. We can "lock" it if we roll that product a second time.

We were introduced to division as sharing equally. Using our multiplication facts and drawing pictures are helpful strategies. Here, Bryan and Sam drew pictures to show division as sharing. 


We connected multiplication and division in our Frozen Fact Families. Brr!

Rosie searches for a main idea sentence starter for her informational writing on reindeer.

Ryan C. uses an informational text and diagram as he shares what he knows about reindeer.

In Book Club groups, we read about current events and went on a Text Features Walk to learn about the destructive typhoon that hit the Philippines last fall. We made and revised our predictions about the article's main idea before and after we read the article.

Students created colorful and creative graffiti verb posters as they searched in picture books for evidence of actions--sneaking, talking, balancing, running, eating, throwing, building...

Our favorite duck callers helped us sort facts from opinions in Literacy.

Researchers from Mrs. Babcock's second grade class shared with us a new app called Caption! Using this app, students can take photos of books' text features and compose a caption to explain the author's purpose, the text feature, or facts they learned from the text. How fun!

Next up are some Martin Luther King activities and yet another engaging app introduced in Room 16!

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hot Off the Presses!

Students took home the notice and rubric for their next long term project.

The first part includes a detailed and colorful array and accompanying multiplication and division fact family.

The second part requires students to create a mathematical table showing the total amount of food needed for a family breakfast. 

The notice, examples, and rubric can be found here.