Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Character Book Parade, Thankful Letters, Factors, Arrays and the Native Wampanoags

Our Character Book Parade last month brought many famous storybook characters to Room 16. From Fancy Nancy to Amber Brown and Harry Potter-- it was great to see the students' creativity shine!










In writing, students are working on friendly thankful letters. From chairs, to band-aids, and sandwiches, we have many simple pleasures to be thankful for. Students were eager to share and showcase their writing using an app called AudioBoom. Visit our Twitter page to listen in!



Topic 4 has launched our learning of multiplication. Factors, products, and arrays have been our focus. We even transformed into storytellers in math as we created story problems that can be solved using multiplication.




The students have been enjoying their recent study of the Wampanoags. Illustrations, photographs, captions, and other text features have provided additional information beyond the text. From flipbooks to top down webs, we've been showing our new knowledge about the daily lives of the first people to Massachusetts. Did you know they used an animal's bladder as a bag to carry things?



Informational text is our newest unit--Mrs. Mack's favorite!