Monday, June 30, 2014

A Field Trip, the Spring Concert, and a Published Poetry Picnic

We sure closed out the year on a high note!

In math, we used real world data to convert measurements in feet to inches. Specifically, we used the heights of teachers at Memorial Park and a few Hollywood celebrities.

Late in May, we were fortunate enough to travel back in time to Plimoth Plantation to visit the Wampanoag homesite and Pilgrim village. Here is a mere snippet of our very busy day. To see the full album click here

As we prepared for our Publishing Poetry Picnic and Color Party, we chose our favorite published poem to record using an app called 30Hands. Our audio clips and photographs combined to create our Passion for Poetry video that opened our Publishing Poetry Picnic

To watch the Passion for Poetry video in its entirety, visit this link to our Youtube video. 

Our school's annual Memorial Day program was a touching tribute coordinated by the talented Mrs. Bissonnette.

Our fascination with all things Cinderella continued with the reading of  several versions of the traditional story.

The spring concert was beautiful! We sure have a group of talented singers among us!

Writers shared many of the exciting highlights and topics covered in third grade in a writing piece that will be displayed in the fall welcoming Mrs. Mack's newest batch of third graders.

We closed out May with the kickoff to our Countdown to Summer balloon surprise. Our first balloon surprise was a classroom picture-in-a-picture photo shoot! #saycheese!


To practice the placement of commas and the use of capitalization in names and addresses, we mailed notes home to parents and siblings. 

We closed out May with a class store. Our hard-earned BBQ Bucks were spent on funky sunglasses, bubbles, Rubik cubes, fun summery cups, and insect catchers. 

Our second balloon surprise was sidewalk chalk. It was a gorgeous morning to get creative with sidewalk chalk on the playground. 

And what a gorgeous afternoon we got for our Published Poetry Picnic and Color Party! Poets were eager to share their published poetry anthology with moms, dads, aunts, uncles, siblings, and first grade buddy readers! Not to mention the colorful and healthy spread!

And with that, May was a wrap!