Friday, August 30, 2013

First Day Fun!

Phew! What a day!

My newest batch of third graders were welcomed into the classroom to a few goodies at their table spots this morning.

As a getting-to-know-each other activity, students completed their own Facebook profiles--complete with a profile picture, status update, and Friends list.

While working on their profiles, students got in front of the camera for their First Day photo shoot. Some of these kids loved the spotlight! Can you tell?

After labeling, sorting, and organizing subject folders and notebooks, it was snack time! We had a request for a read aloud snack courtesy of Enemy Pie it was!

The students got to know their peers and me a bit better with a Welcome Scavenger Hunt.

After recess, lunch, and Music, we headed to the reading rug for our first read aloud. Many of the kids were shocked by the ending. Be sure to ask them who Sarah Jane Hartwell really was... The kids loved the story! They wrote about their own First Day Jitters after the story.


Our day ended with our First Day time capsule. It will be a treat to revisit these on the last day of third grade and see how our handwriting and answers have changed.

A school occasion like the first day wouldn't be complete without a batch of...cupcakes!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Back-to-School Shopping

Retail stores LOVE back-to-school season--and teachers do too! The look and feel of brand new crayons and markers, freshly sharpened pencils, unopened glue sticks, matching crates, and rolling cart organizers...the list goes on! But alas, you don't need all of the fancy supplies offered on store shelves. 

What does your third grader need?

Click here to check out the third grade school supply list. (Remember, we can never have too many pencils, erasers, and Clorox wipes!)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Welcome to Mrs. Mack's Batch of Third Graders! I'm so glad you found us. This blog will be a valuable resource for classroom information, upcoming events, long term projects and deadlines, weekly newsletters, and other important information about the daily happenings of Room 16.

Stay tuned for information about our daily schedule, specialist schedule, and the exciting events in store for us in third grade! 

I'll leave you with a back-to-school goody I'm looking forward to using during morning work, small group activities, and whole class review!