Friday, September 20, 2013

We're Wordly Wiser! And a Pop Quiz for Mom and Dad!

We kicked off the week with another round of Daily Common Core tasks for morning work. This week's focus was Language. (Last week's focus was Reading and the students read a fable called The Foolish Coyote.) This week's Language objectives were capitalizing story titles, using the correct article-- a or an, using commas to list things in a sentence, and changing irregular nouns to the plural form. Students are encouraged to use the previous day's work to help them each day.

Moms, Dads, blog followers, pop quiz!

  • How would you correct this story title? a chair for my mother--a story we will soon be enjoying. 
  • Where would you place the commas in this sentence? Mrs. Mack blogs bakes and plays with her baby on Friday nights.
  • What articles would you use here--a or an? _______ cupcake        ________ apple pie
  • What are the singular nouns for these irregular plurals?  leaves         elves

We also review math concepts on a math Daily Common Core Review (DCCR)--the topics spiral so call it a math smorgasbord-- there are questions on telling time, counting money, addition, subtraction, name it!

Here, Mike W. works on his DCCR!

Monday, we were introduced to our first batch of Wordly Wise words. We used images and photographs to make connections with these words. The students completed exercises at home and are reminded to return it to school the next day for class discussion and review. It's important that students study the spelling, meaning, and part of speech of each word. Want to practice online? Check out my Quizlet flashcards here. Some may have multiple meanings! Below, Derek and Abby highlight their words and definitions.

What a sweet treat! Candace went apple picking over the weekend and brought me a hand-picked apple! (Hint: Mrs. Mack's favorite afternoon snack is a sliced Gala apple with a side of creamy peanut butter!) 

While some readers were completing their DRAs-- individualized reading assessments where teachers identify students' independent and instructional reading levels, others worked in the Scholastic Reading Kit choosing passages of interest ranging from Geography to Arts and Sports, Students used the text to identify main idea, author's purpose and read for detail. Lilly and Charlie are hard at work!

Thank you to parents and guardians who have taken part in our Potluck Picnic! We will never have too many Clorox wipes!  

In math, we learned three properties of addition. 
  • The Commutative (Order) Property allows us to add numbers in any order and still get the same sum. 3 + 6 = 6 + 3
  • The Associative (Grouping) Property ensures that even if we group numbers differently, we will still reach the same sum. 9 + (6 + 1) = (9 + 6) + 1
  • The Identity (Zero) Property promises that any number added to zero will remain the same number. 16 + 0 = 16
We made flipbooks to keep track of these properties.

Our Book Shopping schedule debuted this week. In addition to our trips to the school library, each reader has a designated day to shop in Mrs. Mack's always expanding classroom library.


Computer passes also debuted this week for all students to use the desktop computers or ipad minis. 

And that was just Monday! Stay tuned for how we wrapped up our week including talk of Screen Chomper and how we celebrated International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Ahoy Matey!

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  1. What a great week. I had to think for a minute on the pop quiz!